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Marco Heer
Skilled graphic designer and owner – independently along with Achtung! since 2002.

Achtung! is an independent multidisciplinary advertising and graphic design studio based in Berne, Switzerland. The broad portfolio and many years of experience in logo design, corporate design, packaging design, illustration and digital composing as well as print media range from the national to a global level. Well networket, Achtung! creates innovative and unusual solutions which will be noticed in the cruel world of advertising.

Thanks to current and former customers for the good collaboration: Architekturbüro Stephan Probst & Partner AG, Bern / Brauerei Adler AG, Schwanden / Brauerei Egger AG, Worb / Brauerei Luzern AG, Luzern / Zermatt Matterhorn Brauerei AG / Chübeli-Moser, Neuhausen am Rheinfall / Drei Eidgenossen, Bern / Fontaris AG, Bern / FIVB, Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, Lausanne / Iseli & Eng, Heimberg / LaCueva, Thun / RedOx, Thun / Sacred Tattoo, Unterseen / Stadttheater Bern / Jane Hair & Make-Up Artist, Bern / Meier Systems, Thun / Mühlemann Wagyubeef, Schwarzenegg / Boss Repro Bern AG, Bern / Broncos Loge, Bern / Broncos MC, Wiggiswil / Broncos Security AG, Jegenstorf / Coop Vitality, Bern / MSD, Merck Sharp & Dome AG Schweiz / OFWI Orell Füssli Wirtschaftsinformationen, Zürich / Sanofi-Aventis Schweiz AG / Showtech, Steffisburg / Swatch SA, Biel / Swissvolley, Bern / Swiss Unihockey, Ittigen / Bomberg Timepieces / Kiener + Wittlin Ag, Zollikofen / Red Bull Media House Switzerland, Baar / Valora Holding AG, Muttenz / Wander AG, Neuenegg.